Abacus Systems & Networks

The three prongs of our business are Computers, Networks and Communications.

With a well-established track record, Abacus Systems reduces operational risk, develops robust business processes with risk-free solutions to protect from issues such as; data loss, data leakage, skills shortages, energy waste, overloaded legacy systems, and, ultimately, the failure of business processes.

With leading technical expertise and practical management skills, Abacus is your partner of choice for technology solutions. As a leading provider of quality services and products and a proven record, we always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations, in addressing their IT challenges.

We are known for extensive understanding in most major platforms and recruit only very experienced staff. Our expertise allows us to deliver bespoke service combinations, customised to provide the most effective solutions to meet your requirements.

As a leading, independent IT infrastructure solutions provider, Abacus Systems is a recognised partner of the world’s leading IT suppliers.

Abacus Systems & Networks Abacus Systems & Networks
Tel: +353 1 4569587